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User friendly URL Shortener

You don’t need to be a computer engineer or developer to shorten your long URLs with ShortLink. In fact, we’ve made the internet’s easiest, most user-friendly URL shortener so you can spend less time shortening URLs. Our intuitive process is easy enough for even the most novice content creator or web developer to understand and use.

Long URLs are a pain to share online. They can be messy and hard to read, plus it’s easy to accidentally leave characters off when you’re copying and pasting a long URL into a block of text. In addition to being a hassle, long URLs take up a lot of your character counts on social media posts, especially on sites like Twitter that limit your character count.

ShortLink offers the simplest way to make your original, long URLs short enough to share on social media posts, blog posts, emails, text messages, and anywhere else on the web. Your shortened links still direct to the required page so your readers can easily find the information they are looking for. We don’t get rid of all of the important information that your long URL contains. We just hide it and store it somewhere else. Then, when you or your readers click on the shortened version of the URL, you’re automatically directed to the correct page.

To get started using our user-friendly URL shortener, all you have to do is input your original URL and click “shorten!” to instantly get your shortened link. It couldn’t be easier!


Simplify your original links

Use ShortLink to simplify and shorten your original links in one click. When you input a link to be shortened, know that ShortLink doesn’t get rid of your original links. Our system just shortens and simplifies them to make it easier for you to include links on social media posts, blog posts, emails, text messages, and everywhere else online. You can choose to simplify your links with a branded URL option, or you can choose to get a randomly generated shortened URL.

If you’re concerned with keeping your branding but still want to shorten and simplify your link, use our branded URL option. This short, branded URL option comes in very handy and can be used everywhere you use online sharing services. It ensures that your brand name still shows up in the simplified version of your link, which is important when you are trying to share your brand with the world through your generated content. This can help with SEO and brand recognition.

If you are sharing content from a website that isn’t your own, or if you aren’t concerned with keeping the branding in the shortened version of your original link, then you can use ShortLink’s randomly generated shortened link process. You’ll still get a simplified link. The difference is that it won’t include the brand name.

Whichever way you choose to shorten your original link, when you use ShortLink you’ll end up with a URL that is much shorter and therefore easier to share with your audience.


Free and custom URL Shortener

The best part of using ShortLink to shorten your original URLs is that it is completely, 100% FREE! That’s right; no registration, no sign-up, no login, no account, no plans, no credit cards, no one-time payment, and no free trial period. You don’t have to give us anything. In return, we’ll give you the fastest and easiest way to shorten your original links! You can even generate branded links that promote your brand across the web without signing up, going through a trial period, or ever paying us a dime.

We believe that everyone should be able to shorten links at any time without spending a fortune. We also know your time is valuable, whether you’re running a company, building a website, creating a blog, or sharing important content across all of your social media channels. That’s why we never charge you to shorten your links. Shortlink, the URL shortener does all the work of shortening and simplifying your original links for free.

You don’t even need to register to use our link shortener! So, go ahead and play around with our link shortener right now to see how easy it is to shorten your original link and create customized shortened links without paying a fee or going through a long registration process. We guarantee you’ll find that ShortLink is the easiest and fastest free custom URL shortener available, and we can’t wait for you to try it!


No ads during the URL redirecting

We hate spammy links and ads as much as you do. Some URL shorteners make money by showing ads while the URL is redirecting when someone clicks on the shortened link. ShortLink is different from other URL shorteners available on the web because we never serve ad units during redirection to your designated URL. Our goal is to connect and redirect your users to the correct web page as quickly as possible. That means your site visitors will never endure spammy or annoying pop-up ads when they’re trying to get to a website. This is true whether your user is clicking on your shortened link from a mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

We know how important it is for your readers and site visitors to have a great experience when they click on a link from your website, blog post, social media post, email, infographic, and message. That’s why we only provide shortened URLs that are completely ad-free. This ensures that your audience has a great experience every time. It also helps your SEO by giving you a fast connection to your link without bouncing users all over the place before finally landing in the right spot.

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